why mobilify?

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s transportation system leaves too many communities behind and hinders our economic and environmental sustainability. The Regional Transportation Alliance’s 2016 Imagine Transportation 2.0 report shows our region’s desire for a diversified, equitable, accessible, and robust system that reduces automobile overreliance.

Communities well beyond the urban core seek pedestrian access, bicycle infrastructure and plentiful transit. Our regional desires match what the global economic development trends make clear: to be a region of equitable opportunity, public transit must be at the core of a network of affordable, accessible, multimodal mobility choices.

The benefits of change are not merely infrastructural. This new strategy can bring economic justice to low-income communities and communities of color, reduce our carbon footprint, and restore public faith in the ability of decision-makers.

If we are to reach this new horizon, bold vision and action must occur simultaneously. A new approach to mobility advocacy, engagement and stewardship is required.

we are here to lead the change

Mobilify is the cross-sector, community-centric leader that has been missing from our region’s transportation transformation efforts. We work to democratize mobility by lifting up more accessible, cleaner, less auto-dependent modes that allow diverse communities to thrive.

Our organization unites stakeholders seeking to reshape 21st Century mobility while correcting 20th Century missteps. We do this through a blend of education and awareness, and technical assistance and stewardship, building coalitions to advance initiatives and address issues.

Mobilify’s charge is inspired by a decade of our founder’s local successes blended with best practices throughout the nation, infusing a broad understanding of the mobility needs of our region for economic competitiveness, environmental resilience, and social equity.

We provide the following skills and capacity in the effort to create equitable transportation in Southwestern Pennsylvania:


Building bridges across sectors, institutions, governments and communities, helping actors pursue a shared vision;


Providing external support so that strategic and tactical transportation transformations can happen;


Ensuring that tech, transit, and bicycle facilities connect in a way that will enhance communities and enable multimodal transportation;


Offering educational and technical programming to government, industry, grassroots organizations, employers and institutions;


Stewarding public-private coalitions to implement local projects that improve the use of mass transit and emerging mobility technologies;


Advocating for adequate state resources – especially for public transit – and tools to raise more funds in our region.


Our mission is to assist all communities in securing greater multimodal transportation choices, accessibility, and economic opportunity across Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Our vision is diverse, multimodal transportation networks connecting everyone in Southwestern Pennsylvania to economic and social opportunities.

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