our work

Mobilify conducts policy analysis & formulation, educational programming, and collaboration with partners to democratize transportation and advocate for communities. We work to ensure that pedestrian, transit and bicycle facilities – and emerging transportation technologies – connect to and build communities, fostering a shift in the way people utilize modes of transportation. We accomplish this by:

Offering educational programming and technical capacity to government, industry, employers and institutions to help them make smarter mobility and development decisions;
Pushing for policies in support of affordable housing and small businesses, that also acknowledge transportation affordability as part of an large-scale equity strategy;

Championing the implementation of an emerging regional transit vision;

Partnering with others to push for transportation decarbonization, including vehicle electrification, real mobility access, and environmental justice dividends to marginalized and isolated communities;

Advocating for dedicated state funding for public transit and other multimodal needs, as well as tools to raise more funds at home.

current projects & programs

Advancing a Regional Transit Vision

This is a project that encapsulates the entire transportation system in Southwestern PA, by creating the advocacy and action to implement Port Authority’s existing long-term plan and fund transit locally.

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Municipal Outreach Program

The primary goals for this project include:

  • Understanding municipalities’ current and future transportation initiatives. 
  • Supporting municipalities in executing their transportation goals. 
  • Connecting municipalities to advance mutually beneficial transportation goals. 

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    TISS provides municipal leaders and representatives with tools to facilitate the implementation of TOD through educational and applied learning exercises.

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    True Transportation Decarbonization

    Vehicle electrification alone won’t save us. True transportation decarbonization demands a thoughtful approach,

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