Advancing a Regional Transit Vision

Southwestern Pennsylvania finally has a regional transit vision. Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s NEXTransit and Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission’s SmartMoves Connections, developed in coordination with each other, set out bold yet actionable toward creating a more multimodal region. Both aim to expand routes and modes, improve accessibility, create environmentally sustainable transit, and enable our region to grow. Although these initiatives are promising and pragmatic, having good plans is just the start.

Especially when it comes to transit, our region excels at planning, then forgetting. For SMC and NEXTransit to translate into tangible changes, we need leadership, accountability, and coordination of ground-level work.

This is where Mobilify comes in.

Our advocacy campaign is working to:

» Grow regional awareness about the visions;

» Educate key stakeholders and policymakers on these plans’ potential for our region;

» Recruit and organize champions;

» Convene coalitions to share intel and coordinate advocacy efforts

» Push for reforms that optimize current transportation projects to accommodate transit-oriented needs;

» Push for adequate, stable, and predictable state-level transit funding and making new sources available to meet our regional priorities;

» Sell the values of NEXTransit and SMC throughout Southwestern PA to generate support for more transit funding in Washington, Harrisburg, and here at home.

We’re excited at the potential but we can’t do it with out you. Join us as we work to make history!

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