Ohio River Blvd was supposed to be a community connector. Today, it is anything but. This project seeks to change that.

Boulevarding Rt. 65

Working with community leaders from Pittsburgh’s Northside to Sewickley, Mobilify is creating a corridor coalition aimed at helping Rt. 65 become the boulevard these communities hope to see. Building off multimunicipal planning, Mobilify will help communities realize their vision of a more pedestrian and transit-friendly, safer, attractive corridor where people want to be rather than barrel through.

Project 19/65: Tearing Down the Great Wall of Manchester

Integral to boulevarding Rt. 65 is undoing its elevated freeway, parallel access road imposition on Pittsburgh’s majority-Black Manchester/Chateau neighborhood. This 270-foot-wide, 25-foot-high, 1- barrier between Chateau and Manchester cleaved one neighborhood from the other, cemented disinvestment in a redlined, racialized community, created a risk to life for anyone who dares to access it with anything but a car, and threatens the safety of adjacent homeowners and their residences. It is a top priority in nearly every chapter of the Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood and Allegheny Station TOD plans.

Though it is a massive project, eliminating the Great Wall of Manchester is vital to the entire regional initiative. The project would establish an urban boulevard and reconnected local street grid, rapid transit, and safe pedestrian and bicycling facilities that kickstart a comprehensive reinvestment strategy along this new corridor. Project 19/65 enables neighborhood reunification; a community-first mobility agenda; infrastructure & environmental justice; sustainable, equitable, and resilient transportation choices; wealth generation, housing stabilization; and redevelopment opportunities.

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