Municipal Outreach Program


Establish and maintain relations with municipal officials and stakeholders to promote community-oriented development in Southwestern Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure. 


Empowering Mobilify’s partners to develop and sustain community-oriented transportation development. 


  • Understand municipalities’ current and future transportation initiatives. 
  • Support municipalities in executing their transportation goals. 
  • Connect municipalities to advance mutually beneficial transportation goals. 


Mobilify’s Outreach Program strategy is trifold and will address the following questions— 

Who is Mobilify? 

The first step is to advertise Mobilify’s resources, expertise, and assistance capabilities to municipalities. With deliverables such as presentations and pre-existing programs, Mobilify will explain how its services can greatly benefit municipalities in achieving its transportation goals. 

What are your municipality’s transit infrastructure improvement goals? 

Next, Mobilify will seek to understand the state of the municipality’s transportation infrastructure initiatives. Mobilify may attend council meetings and schedule subsequent discussions to understand the community’s needs regarding transit infrastructure, learn about the measures the municipality has taken thus far, and understand plans/projects pertinent to transportation infrastructure. 

How can Mobilify support your vision? 

Finally, Mobilify will make its resources available to the municipality and encourage municipal leaders to include Mobilify in its efforts towards transit infrastructure improvement.  


1st Stage 


  • Outreach Flyer (for partners to spread the word) 
  • One-on-One introductory meetings between Mobilify and municipal reps. or stakeholder reps. Could be virtual or in-person 
  • Introductory presentations (to be given at council meetings or larger meetings with other reps from municipality or organization) 

2nd Stage 


  • Attending community events  
  • Recurring follow-up meetings to understand municipalities’ goals 
  • Identifying and starting initiatives 

3rd Stage 


  • Supporting and promoting initiatives in the short- and long-term 
  • Connecting municipalities with Mobilify’s partners  
  • Forming Coalitions & Partnerships  


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