TOC Bootcamp

In 2018, The Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT) and Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) collaborated with 10 municipalities surrounding the city of Pittsburgh to create Transit Oriented Community (TOC) toolkits that offer suggestions and funding opportunities for a more transit-friendly community. Although each toolkit was designed to address the municipality’s respective needs, CONNECT and PRT observed little progress made towards the implementation process.

In 2021, CONNECT and PRT partnered with Mobilify Southwestern Pennsylvania to provide further assistance to municipalities in their TOC efforts. Mobilify’s assistance in these efforts included:

» Conducting interviews with municipalities to understand barriers

» Creating an implementation guide to assist municipalities

» Locating funding opportunities for each municipality’s TOC plans

These preliminary assessments demonstrated that some educational and political barriers that have hindered the toolkit implementation process. And so emerged the idea of an Implementation Support Group–or Bootcamp–to provide technical assistance for municipalities through the following actions:

» Create an “advance team,” where Mobilify and partners prepare municipalities and stakeholders for future TOC planning

» Build political will to make zoning modifications and accept broader development

» Prepare municipalities for funding opportunities by increasing their understanding of transit-friendly policies

In this initiative, Mobilify is working closely with CONNECT to organize human capital, secure funding for the Implementation Support Group, and help lead Pittsburgh-area municipalities to becoming transit-oriented communities.

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