True Transportation Decarbonization

Automobile overreliance has left America with the most energy-intensive, least equitable transportation system of any wealthy country. Vehicle operations have been our #1 greenhouse gas contributor for years now. The world’s automakers are stepping up with sweeping zero-emission vehicle mandates, but it’s not enough.

Vehicle electrification alone won’t save us. True transportation decarbonization demands a thoughtful approach

» Decarbonize the cars and trucks;

» Stop relying on fossil fuels to pay for the transportation system;

» Increase public transit frequency and availability and bolster biking and pedestrian infrastructure so we don’t need a car in the first place, and;

» Center environmental and economic justice for low-income and minority communities who have been most heavily impacted by car dominance and fossil fuel emissions.

Mobilify is committed to facilitating this transition. We currently convene several task forces that advance clean transportation efforts by promoting policies to implement equitable electrification, revolutionize transportation funding, and preserve and grow resources for transit expansion. Mobilify also advises statewide and national coalitions convened by like-minded leaders invested in advancing these approaches.

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